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We at Nirmanik Design Studio take care of all your interior designing needs. Every person has their unique perceptions of designs, and we fully understand that and execute the perfect ideas which will suit your needs.

Creating more space within limited available space is the trickiest work ever for a designer but it is the one thing which we like doing the most. Objectifying every corner in order to enhance the space and look of the area for our clients, makes us different from other competitors in the market. The ultimate and final result will be an appealing design that everyone will admire.

Our proficient team is always ready to turn every sophisticated interior design idea into a beautiful reality. From understanding to executing, we do every part at our best.

  • Interior Design
  • Home Design
  • Office Interior


We at Nirmanik Design Studio takes care of all your different needs. From interior designing to exterior designing and constructing the building and homes, we are the perfectionist in every aspect. Your project, which comes to us, is undoubtedly going to be accomplished by our proficient team within the given time frame. We manage the quality, budget, and design with utmost care.

We plan, design, and then implement the things in the right way. We provide different services tailored to our clients. Our commitment to our work makes us stand out in the crowd with our professional and experienced project managers. They look into every need and try to minimize the budget without compromising the quality.

All the elements of the construction are kept in mind to provide you with the desired outlook and strength of the building.

  • Planning
  • Modeling
  • Construction


Nirmanik Design Studio designs building with keeping its roots traditional with a futuristic approach. People spend most of their time of the day in their places thus, they required special attention to form and function. Nirmanik Design Studio takes a strategic approach to create comfort and lighting requirements through its design techniques and green materials. Nirmanik takes year-round atmospheric conditions and design according to create a comfortable microclimate and low energy consumption.

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.    – Brian Reed

Nirmanik Design Studio makes sure to create sustainable, innovative and exciting houses that not only fulfill the purpose but reflect the personality of the people living in them. Nirmanik Design Studio can help you in following

  • Residential
  • Commercial


Buildings are well constructed, but over time, everybody needs to renovate it so that it remains functional. Some people renovate to enhance or change the outlook of their property. Do not worry as we handle every need.


Restoration of the building and the homes within the specified budget is our plus point. We use such strategies that are so helpful to restore your property in less time.

House Addition

Needs are ever-changing with the growing family. So we have the solution to every need accordingly. We fit in different things in less space or make more space for your new items.

  • Professional Guidance
  • Time-Saving
  • Innovative & Creative Ideas