About our studio

About our studio


Our Awesome Story

Nirmanik word comes from the Sanskrit language, which means ‘creator.’ At Nirmanik, we are all creators, from a designer to a worker. We all together as a team create, thus we all are Nirmanik.

When they first built the University of California at Irvine they just put the buildings in. They did not put any sidewalks, they just planted grass. The next year, they came back and put the sidewalks where the trails were in the grass. Nirmanik speaks just that kind of language. It is not designed from first principles. Nirmanik is those sidewalks in the grass. Nirmanik is about providing meaningful architecture with smallest design serving a purpose.




Our Fantastic Team

Himanshu Sharma

Partner – Principal Architect

Ashwani Singh

Partner – Principal Architect

Ajol Tomar

Junior Architect

Rishi Jha

3D Visualizer

Rahul Rana

Architectural Intern


How We Work

Project Brief & Consultation

Designing, Layouting, and Tasking

Approvals & Execution



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